The Fine Print

If you’d like to know who’s behind The Leader’s Edge, what “future-proof” means, and how the newsletter is “non-woke” then you’re in the right place…read on. 

Who’s Behind The Leader’s Edge

I’m Marina von Bergen, the future-focused brainiac delivering a weekly dose of valuable information directly to your inbox. Here’s a little bit about my background…

Professional Experience

I’ve had a great career so far that’s taken me down many paths in a number of industries and across multiple continents. I’ve done everything from management consulting to corporate event planning to leading global marketing teams to lots of leadership development and coaching.

After a number of years in management consulting in large firms such as Deloitte as well as small boutique consulting firms, I had a lot of fun managing large corporate events of up to 7,000 attendees. I then returned to consulting, focusing on M&A projects, change management, human capital, and SME business strategy.

Credentials & Certifications

They don’t guarantee expertise or performance, but credentials and certifications do standardize a baseline of knowledge in certain areas. Here’s the current list of feathers in my professional certifications and credentials cap:

  • Prosci Change Management certified

  • SAFe Agile certified

  • MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) certified

  • Hogan Assessments certified

  • ACC coaching certification with ICF (International Coaching Federation)

  • Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching certified

  • College of Executive Coaching: Executive and Life Coach certified

  • Masters degree in Global Workforce Collaboration

On a Personal Note

I’m a proud American who grew up in Europe. I’ve traveled extensively throughout the world and have a very global perspective, speaking French, Spanish and some German. I moved to Houston, Texas for a work project in 2011 and haven’t found a good enough reason to leave yet.

Although my sweet tooth is too strong for my own good, I try to focus on healthy diet and lifestyle, and in my spare time, I like listening to amazing podcasts, getting exercise and staying active outside, traveling, reading, spending times with friends and pets, and…of course…I am obsessed with learning about advanced technologies of all kinds, including artificial intelligence.

What Does “Future-Proof” Mean?

Future-proofing is the process of anticipating the future and developing methods to minimize the probability that any given system, organization, or entity will become obsolete or fail in the future.

The Leader’s Edge’s objective is to help future-proofing leader in their professional lives and also many aspects of personal lives.

How Is the Leader’s Edge “Non-Woke”?

Definition of “Woke” in the The Leader’s Edge

To understand what non-woke is, we must first define woke. There are many different definitions, depending on who you ask. Here is the definition used in the newsletter:

Woke ideology takes advantage of immutable and / or irrelevant characteristics such as race and gender to justify perpetual victimization and self-entitlement of ones self or others, resulting in increased hostility and division between individuals who are “woke” and those who advocate for meritocracy and personal accountability.

– Author: Me

My Position on Woke Ideology…

I’m tired of countless “leaders” across political, corporate and social spheres creating so much division and discord between different groups under the false guise of “equity” and “inclusion,” and I strongly reject the woke ideology and agenda that takes so many forms throughout all levels of society.

I basically just want us to be sane and “normal” again, and travel back in time to the 80’s and 90’s when people were just people and got along regardless of race, gender, or anything else. A time when we focused on providing equal opportunities, not equal outcomes.

…and What that Means for You

In The Leader’s Edge, you won’t be subjected to tips on how to make your workplace more “inclusive,” or articles on how to avoid committing micro-aggressions, or sent worksheets on the proper use of pronouns. In fact, resources shared on those topics will revolve around how to combat such lunacy if that’s the kind of working environment you’re in.

You’re Talking About “Woke” – Is this a Political Newsletter?

Absolutely not!! That said, it’s impossible to ignore that we live in a highly politicized and divided society. I don’t like it any more than you do, but that’s just the reality of our current socio-political landscape.

The main focus and majority of content in the Leader’s Edge is on future-proofing maverick leaders. That said, instead of tip-toeing around the topic, I don’t completely avoid politics in the Leader’s Edge or pretend to be politically neutral.

Politically independent, I’m not in favor of either side of the current “uni-party.” That said, given the current state of the union, the best way to describe my politics is “not left.” I’m strongly in favor of free speech, limited government, free market capitalism, meritcocracy, and personal liberties, rights and responsibilities.

Any political content is shared in the Leader’s Edge is within that context and that of the key newsletter content.