Help Wanted!

Seeking an Awesome Social Media Manager to Grow New X Account

I’m creating a weekly newsletter called The Leader’s Sandbox.

Tagline: Where Non-Woke Leaders Come to Future-Proof their Success

The target audience will learn about, and sign up for, the newsletter via the X account I created for the newsletter, either through regular posts or paid advertising.

I haven’t been active on the account at all since I created it, and have only a few random / spammy followers. @LeadersSandbox

I’m looking for an account manager who will partner with me for a long time, I hope this is the beginning of a longer-term partnership where you will grow with me as my business grows. Since this is an account tied to a newsletter for non-woke leaders, we’re probably not a good match if you’re aligned with any woke ideology, including DEI.

The X Account Manager will be responsible for:

  • Increasing followers and newsletter subscribers from key target audience
  • Generating new unique / original posts, or sharing content: at least 1-2 per day.
  • Reposting with quotes, commenting on other’s posts: at least 2 per day
  • Responding to comments and liking them – engaging with account followers – continuous
  • Creating all of the graphics / media for new posts.
  • Writing the copy for all new posts, reposts, and replies
  • Creating paid advertising posts to attract new followers
  • Setting up and monitor success of paid advertising and adjust strategy as needed
  • All other activities associated with increasing account followers and newsletter subscribers

For the first couple of months, any post other than a simple repost with no quote / comment will need to be pre-approved by me – including copy and media assets. We will use a platform such as Hootsuite or Loomly for the approval process.

Target Audience: Non-woke owners and leaders of small to medium-sized businesses (under 200 employees)


  • History of quickly growing social media account followers, engagement, and sign-ups via organic posting, engagement, and ad creation / management
  • Experience creating creative assets for social media posts and ads using tools like Canva and Promo
  • Experience writing copy for social media posts and ads
  • Experience configuring and managing successful social media ad campaigns that hit key growth metrics

Time Commitment & Pay: This is a part time position, I anticipate needing approximately 10 – 15 hours per week, give or take, and will pay on a weekly basis based on hitting mutually agreed-upon metrics. We’ll agree on a fair pay, but I’m in start-up mode so pay will increase with time.

To Apply: Send your cover letter, resume, video, portfolio, and / or anything else you think would be relevant to