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  • Out of 10 organizations, how many expect AI to give them a competitive edge over rivals? (source) This equates to an increase of 12% from the previous year.
    1. 5 in 7
    2. 7 in 10
    3. 9 in 10 
  • What percentage of employees is worried that AI will cause job loss in the next year? (source)
    1. 64%
    2. 77%
    3. 96%
  • A 20% decline in which job segments is expected by 2029 as AI-powered software becomes commonplace? (source)
    1. Translation and interpretation
    2. Accounting and bookkeeping
    3. Tutoring and academic performance
  • Around how many companies deem AI to be a top priority in their business strategy? (source)
    1. 4 in 5
    2. 7 in 10
    3. 1 in 2
  • Data suggests that AI has the potential to boost employee productivity by approximately how much by 2035? (source)
    1. 25%
    2. 32%
    3. 40%
  • A report by McKinsey & Company suggests that how many workers could switch occupational categories by 2030 due to automation? (source)
    1. 250 million
    2. 300 million
    3. 375 million 
  • 88% of executives which industries have accelerated their implementations of automation and artificial intelligence? (source)
    1. Finance and insurance
    2. Oil and gas
    3. Healthcare and medical
  • What percentage of business executives actively intends workplace automation to eliminate redundant work processes while deploying new technologies? (source)
    1. 60%
    2. 70%
    3. 80%

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