Where small businesses become future-proof by leveraging advanced technology and exceptional leadership.

Is your company leveraging new and advanced technologies to improve its competitive edge? Or does it not believe it’s necessary to do so, at least not right now? Whatever the case may be, it’s very clear that technologies are advancing so rapidly in every sphere of life that businesses that don’t embrace it will simply be made redundant. So…

…your business faces two simple choices.

1) Embrace and leverage technologies to its advantage.

2) Ignore advancing techologies and become irrelevant.

If you think that your business is too small or too local to have to worry about changing the way you use technology, think again. Companies of all shapes and sizes are thinking about it, and if they’re smart, they’re using it to increase their efficiencies and profits. Taking a passive approach in a world that is embracing new technologies at the speed of light could cost you countless opportunities, and maybe even your business.

The Future-Proof Business is obsessed with helping small businesses with 200 employees or less future-proof their companies by anticipating and pivoting around continuous change.

How We Future-Proof Small Businesses

Consulting Services

Ensuring that your company remains successful and relevant in an ever-changing global business environment is what drives and motivates us. With a strong focus on leveraging advanced technologies to significantly increase your competitiveness, we offer three core consulting services either individually or collectively:

  • =Leveraging advanced technologies
  • =Change management
  • =SAFe Agile Methodology

Leadership & Team Development

Businesses that remain successful over the next ten years will do so in part by constantly developing their leaders and high-performing teams. In fact, improving “soft skills” and overall leadership abilities will be an increasingly critical differentiator in the upcoming years. We offer three core services to leaders and their teams:

  • =Leadership assessments (individuals or groups)
  • =Leadership and team coaching
  • =Virtual team management

Most people – even small business owners – are surprised to learn that 99.9% of businesses in the U.S. are “small” (200 employees or less).

Unfortunately, their survival rate is low.

Fortunately, if your business is trending in any of these directions, we can help.


Percentage of small businesses that fail within 5 years.


Percentage of small businesses that fail due to lack of demand.


Percentage of small businesses that fail because they run out of cash.


Percentage of small businesses that fail because they don't have the right team.

Who We Serve

We serve small businesses (with 200 employees or less) that fall into one or more of these categories:



Growth is exciting, but can create aches and pains in often unsuspecting areas of the organization. We help you understand, navigate and optimize your expansion from primarily a  technology optimization perspective, and also from the strategic, people, and operational perspectives.

Strengthening the Leadership Bench

Many small business are so focused on increasing revenue that they unintentionally neglect developing the team members with the skills needed to take the business to the next level. Making this mistake will cost a business revnue at best, and long-term viability at the worst.

Disorganized / Inefficient

Even if you’re comfortable with your profitability, streamlining every facet of your organization by implementing smart technologies and agile methodologies to optimize efficiencies should be one of your top priorities. Businesses that are not laser-focused on this simply will not thrive over the next five years.

Adjusting to Shifting Team Dynamics

Team configurations and roles have changed dramatically over the past few years. Most companies have shifted to a virtual or hybrid work model without properly transitioning their teams from in-person to remote environments. This often results in reduced productivity, motivation, focus, and  more. There are simply and higly effective ways to address this. 

Going through Big Changes

For most people, change is hard, and unfortunately, most of the time, change initiatives fail. But understanding the positive impact that strategic changes can bring is a critical part of growing a thriving business, and helping companies successfully implement change initiatives is one of our expertises.

Professional Certifications

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